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Introductory Ring Making Workshop

February 11, 2023 

Erin Masters will hold two Intro to Ring Making Workshops – just in time for Valentine’s Day!

During the workshop, each person will create three sterling silver wire bands. The workshop will follow the steps to condition the metal, shape/prepare the rings for soldering, reshape the rings, and file/sand/polish each ring.


Classes will be held at the gallery on February 11th at 10:00am-12:00 pm or 2:00-4:00 pm lasting 2 hours. Each class will have 5 openings.


The cost per person is $50. Call Ilene at The Gilbert Gallery 217-367-2400 or email Ilene at External link opens in new tab or Students must be 14 years old. Groups are welcome!  Reservations required.


Life Drawing Tuesdays

Tuesday evenings
6:30 - 8:30 pm
$15. per session
Easels and tables available
Reservations required

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